Five Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Senior’s Home 

Senior Cleaning Services in Totowa, NJ: Five Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Senior’s Home 

Depending on her health and her preferences, your aging adult might spend the majority of her day in her home. Giving her home a fresh spring cleaning can do so much for her overall mood and for the safety of her home. 

Focus Primarily on Safety 

While you might want to do some deep cleaning and give your senior’s place a bit of a refresher, this is primarily best used as an opportunity to address potential safety concerns for your senior. Remove clutter and anything that could prove to be a tripping hazard. Swap out throw rugs for safer alternatives. Look for ways to make her home overall a safer place to be. 

Keep Your Senior Involved 

One mistake you don’t want to make is to leave your elderly family member out of this equation. This is her living space, after all. Focus on keeping her involved and letting her know that this is all about her, not you. This should be a happy experience for your elderly family member. 

Put Frequently-used Items in Easy Reach 

This is also a great opportunity to rearrange some things. Perhaps your elderly family member’s mobility has changed over the last few months and it’s more difficult for her to access some of her belongings. Put items she uses often in areas that are easy for her to get to on her own. Items she doesn’t need or use can go in more inconvenient spots. 

Senior Cleaning Services in Totowa, NJ: Five Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Senior’s Home Make the House Brighter 

Part of spring involves welcoming warmer, prettier weather. Often windows get opened to let fresh air in and everything feels lighter and brighter. Do the same for your senior’s home. Open the window shades, open windows if possible, and swap out darker colors for lighter, brighter shades. 

Make it Easy to Maintain 

Once you’ve gone to all this effort, it needs to be maintained. Don’t leave that fully up to your senior. Hiring senior cleaning services helps to ensure that your aging family member has a clean, safe home every day and can conserve her own energy for other activities. Senior cleaning services can handle the heavier aspects of housekeeping, while also letting you know if they spot any potential trouble spots that still need to be addressed. 

Overall, you’re looking for a safe and happy living space for your senior. That’s what this is all about and it’s important that your senior understands you’re not trying to take anything away or change her life too much. Consider bringing in senior cleaning services to maintain your aging parent’s home on a regular basis, so that you have time to spend enjoying each other’s company, rather than cleaning. 

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