Five Ways You Can Pinpoint When Clutter Is Getting out of Hand

Everybody has a little bit of clutter in their home. For your senior, though, clutter can be a safety issue, especially if it’s getting out of control. Here are some signs to be aware of when you visit.


Housekeeping For Seniors in Wayne NJ: Senior Clutter
Housekeeping For Seniors in Wayne NJ: Senior Clutter


New Items Keep Showing Up

Your senior can buy whatever she wants, within reason, but there is a point of diminishing returns. If you’re noticing that very often there are new or new-to-her items appearing in your senior’s home, you might want to start paying closer attention. There may be more going on than simply buying a few items here and there.


Your Senior Isn’t Quite Sure What All She Has

One of the biggest reasons that having a bunch of new purchases can be a problem is that your senior may start to lose track of what she already has. When she’s looking for a particular item, it’s tough to dig through clutter to find that one thing. She might also be buying multiples of the same item, which becomes a different problem.


She’s Not Sure What to Do with Her Things

As things start piling up, your elderly family member is likely going to run out of storage space. If it’s becoming obvious that she’s not sure what to do with a lot of her belongings, it might be time to cull them a bit. Finding better storage solutions and determining what she really needs can be helpful.


Dressers, Closets, and Other Storage Are Stuffed

Closets, dresser drawers, and other types of storage units are meant to hold a certain amount of belongings. When they’re properly filled, these items open, close, and operate exactly how they’re supposed to. When they’re overfilled, though, they’re much more difficult to operate. Your senior could even get hurt trying to force them to work.


You’re Surprised by Her Reactions

It’s also really important to examine your senior’s reactions when you talk to her about her items. If she goes straight to frustrated or angry when you mention some of her clutter, she may be having some strong feelings about keeping her things. It’s time to have a calm, clear-headed talk about what to do and why it matters.

Keeping track of your senior’s clutter issues is a huge part of making sure that she is as safe as possible. Take some time to investigate a little bit. Senior cleaning services can be a huge help to you with this project. In addition to helping you spot problem areas, they can also help with the organizing aspect of dealing with those problem spots.


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