Bed Bugs and Your Senior

Bed bugs are mostly just a small part of a cute goodnight saying, but they’re a big reality for a lot of people. Bed bugs aren’t a huge health hazard, but they are annoying and a bit creepy.


Pest Control for senior homes Totowa NJ: Bed Bugs
Pest Control for senior homes Totowa NJ: Bed Bugs


Bed Bugs Can Go Unnoticed for a Long Time

Bed bugs are not incredibly obvious at first. It’s when they start to really multiply that they become a more obvious problem. But for your senior, there may be some other reasons bed bugs are going unnoticed. If she has trouble with her vision, she may not see them. They’re tiny bugs. Also, problems with cognition and even depression can cause her to ignore or simply not acknowledge what’s going on.


Health Risks Are Not as Big as You Might Think

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bed bugs do not pose a significant health risk to the majority of people. Some people do have allergic reactions to bed bugs and to their bites. Those reactions need to be treated right away. Regarding the bites themselves, there is no venom injected from the bugs to worry about. If the bite becomes irritated and your senior scratches, though, this increases the risk of infection. With a large infestation, countless bed bugs could be biting your senior and that might lead to anemia in some situations. Definite talk to her doctor about bites when you spot them.


Look for Signs of an Infestation

It’s important that you know what a bed bug infestation looks like. In the most obvious cases, you’ll see bed bugs crawling around in bedding and on mattresses. They’re extremely small, though, so you might have trouble making them out in poor lighting. You’re much more likely to see the exoskeletons they leave behind when they molt. You’ll probably also see tiny blood spots left behind on bedding, mattresses, and furniture that mark where the bed bugs have been.


Take Care of the Problem

Once you realize there’s a bed bug infestation in your senior’s home, you need to take some steps to solve the problem. Contact an exterminator who has experience with managing bed bugs. The key afterward is to make sure you’ve got a plan in place to prevent another infestation.

The last thing that you and your senior want is a recurrence of this problem. Hiring senior cleaning services can help you to spot potential issues much more quickly in the future. They can help to make sure that your elderly family member’s home is clean and comfortable so that she hopefully doesn’t have to encounter bed bugs again.


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