What Does Your Senior Need if She Has a Pet?

Your senior and her pet need lots of things, like food, medicine, and veterinary visits periodically. But there are also some daily practical needs that can make life a lot easier for everybody concerned. These are just some of those items you might be able to provide.


light laundry for seniors in Paramus NJ: Your senior and her pet
Light laundry for seniors in Paramus NJ: Your senior and her pet


Plenty of Blankets and Toys

Blankets and toys are definitely some of the more important items your senior and her pet will need. Toys help pets to feel less anxious and also to burn off excess energy. They also help pets to avoid boredom. Blankets are excellent for snuggling into, but they can also help to protect your senior’s furniture from fur, drool, and the occasional urge to scratch.


A Grabber Tool

The big problem with all those toys might be that they get scattered all over. Leaning over can be a huge fall risk for your senior, though. A grabber tool is usually long enough for someone to use while standing safely and it allows your elderly family member to pick up toys, even smaller ones, with relative ease. That can make cleanup after playtime a lot easier.


A Pocket Black Light

Even the best-housetrained pets sometimes have an accident now and again. It can be tough to find those spots when you suspect that a pet has had an incident but you’re not sure where. It’s even more difficult for your senior, especially if her mobility is an issue. Black lights easily pinpoint where a little extra cleaning would be helpful and they’re usually as small as a flashlight.


Help Cleaning Up

One of the most helpful things that your senior can have when she’s got a beloved pet at home is some extra assistance with keeping her home clean and safe for both she and her pet. Senior cleaning services can tackle this for her, as well as a variety of other cleaning tasks. This is a perfect way to ensure that your elderly family member’s home is taken care of so that she can enjoy time with her furry friend.

Your senior’s pet can be a tremendous comfort to her, especially if she’s lonely. There are some situations that have to be dealt with, though, for the health and safety of both your senior and her pet. The more help that your elderly family member is able to get with pet care, the better for everyone involved.

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