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Five Challenges Laundry Creates for Your Senior - SeniorCleaingCo

Five Challenges Laundry Creates for Your Senior

Laundry might be one of those tasks that you don’t think of as being a big issue for your senior. Most adults have a handle on how to do laundry and your senior might have been the one to teach you how to sort and wash your own clothing. But as she ages, laundry can become a bigger problem.


light laundry for seniors in Livingston NJ: Senior Laundry
light laundry for seniors in Livingston NJ: Senior Laundry



Laundry Can Exhaust Her

It can be exhausting doing laundry. Between hauling all of the dirty clothes to the laundry room and then moving the clothes from one machine to another, that’s a lot of effort. Add in folding the clothes and putting them back where they belong and your senior might need lots of rest breaks. When she’s doing activities that cause her to get easily exhausted, your senior might be more prone to injuring herself.


Measuring Laundry Products Can Be Difficult

With changes to her dexterity, her vision, and to other systems, your elderly family member might find that it’s more difficult for her to measure out laundry detergent and fabric softener. Even with pre-measured detergent pods, child-proof packaging can make the task more complicated.


Buzzers and Alarms Might not Be Loud Enough

Keeping up with the varying lengths of washing and drying cycles can be difficult, too. That’s the main reason manufacturers started installing built-in alarms. But if those alarms aren’t loud enough for your senior to hear them, she may find it difficult to keep up with when she needs to swap out one load of laundry for another.


Machines Can Be Complicated to Operate

Newer machines have a ton of features that can be really helpful for your senior. The problem is that often those features are a little more complicated than simply selecting a cycle and pushing a button. There may be options and selections that get a little overwhelming for your senior, especially if she’s experiencing cognitive changes.


Remembering to Do Laundry Can Be a Huge Issue

On the other end of the spectrum, your senior might be having trouble remembering to do laundry at all. That’s a big issue and it can mean that she’s either experiencing significant cognitive challenges or she’s avoiding laundry for other reasons. Having help with laundry can ensure that she’s washing her clothing instead of either wearing it dirty or buying new clothes regularly.

One of the ways that you can help to make life easier for your senior is to hire people who can take over her laundry for her. Senior cleaning services can help your elderly family member to have clean clothes without wrestling with all of the difficulties that can come along with doing the laundry.


If you or an aging loved-one is considering light laundry for seniors in Livingston, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Senior Cleaning Co. today at (800) 376-9578.