What Kind of Cleaning Help Does Your Senior Need?

Your senior might have been able to keep up with all of her housekeeping needs on her own for years. But changes to her health and to her energy levels can change all of that rapidly. Thankfully there are senior cleaning services available that can help with a variety of levels of need.


housekeeping for seniors in Montville NJ: Senior Cleaning Assistance
housekeeping for seniors in Montville NJ: Senior Cleaning Assistance

Occasional Basic Help

Your senior might only need occasional help with cleaning when she’s feeling a little under the weather. Or, if she doesn’t have trouble keeping up with most basic tasks herself, she may find that occasionally having someone else come in and do a tiny bit more keeps her place spic and span. These visits might occur a couple of times a month, or as often as your senior needs.


Weekly Light Housekeeping

If your elderly family member needs more regular help, weekly visits for light housekeeping assistance might be the ticket. Senior cleaning services can help with vacuuming, dusting, and keeping often-used areas clean and neat. They might even help with laundry and swapping out sheets. This type of help allows your senior’s home to stay much cleaner regularly with minimal effort on her part.


Specialty Tasks

There might be some things your elderly family member requires that don’t really involve deeper cleaning, but that need to be done. For instance, she might have a tougher time keeping up with expired foods in her fridge. This could be something that gets handled for her without her having to think about it.


Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing

At some point, though, your elderly family member might need a little more elbow grease. Whether it’s seasonal cleaning time or simply a need she’s had for a while, deep cleaning and sanitizing is another option. Your senior’s floors, bathrooms, and appliances might be overdue for a thorough cleaning, especially if she’s had a difficult time keeping up with these tasks.


Hoarding Cleanup

In extreme cases, like with a hoarding situation, your elderly family member might need a lot more help. There are clutter issues involved in hoarding to be sure, but there are also sanitary concerns. It’s highly likely that your senior’s home needs some serious attention paid to getting everything as clean as possible and helping it to stay that way afterward.


Finding the right senior cleaning services for your elderly family member is vital so that she’s got exactly what she needs. As her health and her circumstances change, she may find that she needs different degrees of assistance at different times. That’s easy enough to adjust once you find the right fit.


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