Five Important Facts about Cleaning Your Senior’s Refrigerator

Your elderly family member’s refrigerator might be a bone of contention between the two of you. It’s vital that you have a full understanding of how a clean fridge can be a huge benefit to your senior and to you.

housekeeping for seniors Montclair NJ: Senior Refrigerator Cleaning
Housekeeping for seniors in Montclair NJ: Senior Refrigerator Cleaning


Spoiled Food Is Dangerous

Everyone has left a container or two of leftovers in the back of the fridge for just a little too long, but few people try to eat them. Depending on your senior’s health and cognitive challenges, she might forget what bad food looks or smells like. Keeping up with fridge cleanouts can mean that she avoids a serious bout of food poisoning.

It’s Easier to Keep up with What She’s Eating

When your senior’s fridge is cleaner, you’re able to keep up with what she’s actually eating and what is overstaying its welcome. And if she’s not dipping into the foods you’re stocking up on for her, you can take a better look at why that might be, especially before she develops health ramifications from not eating.

Meal Preparation Can Go Faster

Regardless of whether you or your senior are handling meal preparation for her that whole process goes much more quickly when you’re starting out with a clean fridge. As leftovers and foods your senior won’t eat are removed, you’ve got much better access to what does get eaten.

You Can Spot Recalled Foods Easier

Food recalls are unfortunately something to be very concerned about, especially in terms of your senior’s health. The elderly can be more susceptible to the germs and the problems associated with a food recall and that means you need to stay on top of those. A clean fridge helps you keep track of what’s there.

Your Senior May Not Remember What She’s Got

Your elderly family member might be more likely to eat and to find something she’s willing to eat if it’s easy to see what’s in the refrigerator. After a big cleanout, it’s much easier to put foods where your elderly family member can spot them readily. She may not remember what you told her the other day about what is there for her to eat, so it’s important that it’s obvious for her.

If neither you nor your senior are able to keep up with this incredibly important task, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Senior cleaning services can take care of this vital detail for you so that your elderly family member has a clean fridge that is ready for you to fill and maintain for her.

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