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Senior Cleaning Co.’s mission is to help give seniors more possibilities to remain living independently through the provision of high quality and trustworthy cleaning, organizing and housekeeping services.

Family-owned, Senior Cleaning Co.’s management team is made up of passionate people with deep knowledge of geriatric needs and wide experience in home maintenance.

Our story began with providing in-home care for seniors. During this time, we saw that older adults needed additional home services to help them stay independent. After consulting with social workers, geriatric care managers and hospital discharge teams, we knew we were right.

And so Senior Cleaning Co. was born. A company built on years of geriatric experience, with principles guided by professionals and a zeal to genuinely make a difference to older adults and their caregivers.

We offer residential cleaning, organizing, home modifications and hoarding support in NJ, CT, NY and FL.

We work seamlessly with other elderly professionals and have social workers and geriatric care managers as part of our team. This support is often crucial when dealing with mental or physical disabilities, hoarding situations or complex hospital discharges.

Respect, compassion & empowerment.

our founding values are ingrained into our company culture and training 

A case manager meets each customer personally for a free assessment of their needs. We welcome carers at this meeting. We don’t ask clients to sign a contract but we do provide both parties with a Cleaning Co. Job Spec so that we are agreed on specifications, particular concerns and preferences.

We are efficient, cost effective, flexible and enthusiastic. But more than this, we make an effort to see the bigger picture. If mom has out-of-date food in the fridge, we discreetly discard; if dad hasn’t opened his mail, we let a carer know; and if grandma simply wants to chat awhile, we’re all ears.

 We recommend services based on a holistic view of mobility, budget and lifestyle.


Our staff are licensed, bonded, insured and First Aid certified, with accreditations in both hoarding and organizing. We only employ experienced and passionate people and reward them with above industry-standard wages. Every team, every case, every visit is supervised by a senior case manager.

We also offer geriatric social worker support if required.

Senior Cleaning Co. Guarantee

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • First Aid Staff
  • Free Consultation

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We provide residential cleaning, organizing, home modifications and hoarding support in
New York, New Jersey Connecticut and Florida

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