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Moving In / Out

Do you have a family member moving back home from the hospital or from time away? Senior Cleaning Co. will ensure a deep clean makes the house safe and ready. We understand hospital discharge requirements and work regularly with Geriatric Social Workers. It’s important to ensure that a home is free of any hazards or clutter that could cause accidents.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to move back into a home that’s polished and sparkling?

For those moving out of a home, we not only clean and clear the entire house, but also provide an estate sale service.


Our staff are specially trained in gently and non-judgementally creating a new environment. With a Geriatric Social Worker on call, we can assist with both the physical and psychological aspects of hoarding, ensuring a smooth transition to a new clutter-free life.

We are able to discretely organize the removal of any unwanted items.

And we’re able to make sure that home still feels like home, just a lot easier to manage.

Regular Cleaning

Explore our flexible options and find one that’s just right for you. Our cost effective services include whole home or partial, and weekly, bi-monthly or monthly visits. Our residential cleaning team is trained to deal with seniors who may like cleaning done in a certain way, or want personal mementos, such as photographs, left untouched. We can clean every aspect of your home from the inside of the fridge and ovens to furniture stain removal.

And we’re not only cleaning experts, we also provide professional home organizing services, specializing in methodical and harmonious de-cluttering.

And we know that we may be the only visitor in a day, so we take the time to chat.

Senior Cleaning Co clean, organized kitchen, housekeeping


Our light housekeeping services are especially valued by caregivers, providing peace of mind that their relative is able to keep up with daily tasks safely. This service can be provided in conjunction with cleaning or as a stand-alone. Our housekeeping team will help with a variety of tasks including laundry, ironing, changing linens, valet trash, meal prep and kitchen organization.

We pride ourselves on our subtle vigilance – we notice if mom isn’t opening her mail.

And we contact you if we think dad doesn’t have enough food in the fridge.

Occasional Cleaning

Some of our geriatric customers prefer to opt for an occasional residential clean. Typically this takes longer than a regular clean, as more time may have elapsed since the house was last visited. This service is perfect for those seniors who only need help tackling deeper cleaning or wider areas of the home. Many clients book us to help them get ready for a special visit or a family event.

Add on some organizing to the list and we can transform your pantry and cabinets.

And you don’t have to stick with occasional cleans, we’d love to visit regularly!

Bed Bugs

Options to exterminate bed bugs can be confusing. We assess what will be the most effective method for your specific situation. We use whole home heat treatments, raising the temperature sufficiently to kill both eggs and live bugs, in addition to applying a residual insecticide to room borders. We also use a layered insecticide method, employing fast acting contact treatments, in conjunction with residual and dust insecticides.

Before any treatment is administered, we provide you with a detailed list of instructions for how to prepare your home.

Our staff are specially trained in insecticide use, so let us take the strain and remove this pain.

Home Modifications

Two thirds of seniors say that to live safely at home, they would like access to home modification services and products. With most seniors wanting to age at home, our safety features make all the difference. From handrails, ramps, and stair lifts to walk-in bath tubs and hospital beds, we excel at making homes safe and convenient.

We work with clients and families to identify the best spend and most needed features.

And we stay by your side throughout installation and training.

Senior Cleaning Co staircase, home modifications

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